The In-depth Story Behind Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelets: A Conversation

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The in-depth story behind Eastern Drift

What is Eastern Drift all about?

Eastern Drift is all about looking beautiful, feeling beautiful, and being beautiful inside and out. It's about making positive changes in one's life and being an inspiration to others. It's about being strong,determinedfearlessoptimistic, honest, non-judgemental, thankful, peacefulforgiving and letting go. It's about cultivating and spreading kindness, love, compassion, hope, laughing and loving more. Eastern Drift is about being committed to living the best mindful version of you. One of our favorite quotes at the office comes from a famous sage, Mahatma Gandhi, in which he says, "Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Be mindful of your words, for they become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they become your habits. Observe and acknowledge your habits, for they become your values. Understand and embrace your values, for they become your destiny." This quote characterizes much of what Eastern Drift embodies.  

"Much of what Eastern Drift embodies"? So, is there more to Eastern Drift than what you just described?

Yes. There is something that I hold very dear to my heart. Something that deeply changed me and gave me a whole new perspective in life. It gave me an inner strength and invaluable insight that has made my life incredibly meaningful and joyful. In hindsight, it seems as though it was always there yet I never tuned into it. I didn't know how, or rather, I wasn't aware how to plug in to it. I believe that we all have the same inner strength and insight patiently waiting to be tapped. It's just a matter of recognizing that it is there. 

Briefly speaking, there was a time in my life about 7 years ago when every fiber of my being was greatly challenged over a period of about 2 years. I was afraid to lose someone who I love dearly. I was determined to do all I could to help. So often during this time, I felt completely helpless and hopeless despite how resourceful I thought I was at the time. But I didn't give up. I knew that if I persisted and believed in myself, I would somehow find a way to succeed. There was no other option for me. I had to rescue my son from slipping away. I kept planting seeds, day in day out, hoping that one day my words would penetrate his inner world and help to lift him out of his troubling time. So many tears I shed and sleepless nights I spent. It took a great deal of courage, strength, optimism, confidence, hope, and patience to fight through this battle...but I did it...we did it...together. Determination and love can work miracles.

Was this difficult time in your life the impetus for the launching of Eastern Drift?

Yes. During that same period of time, I was also finishing my M.S. in Psychology. So, on top of the struggle with my son, I was under a lot of pressure from the demand of a master's degree program workload. During my master's program, a lot of my research was dedicated to exploring further into Eastern philosophy, in particular the discipline of mindfulness and the emphasis on the intricate dynamics of causality ( cause and effect). A few years before pursing my studies in psychology, I had already developed a keen interest in Eastern philosophies and had read countless books on the subject.  The concepts were easy to understand but I quickly found out that trying to implement them, especially during difficult times, without daily practice, was extremely challenging. It doesn't take long to notice that old habits and thought patterns die hard. It's so easy to fall back into habit patterns of thinking and doing. I needed some sort of reminder or trigger to help redirect my attention and focus. So, I took my own advice...

How does this all tie in with Eastern Drift?

During and after my post graduate studies, I spent a lot of time in counseling and wellness centers teaching the notion of mindfulness and helping people make positive changes in their life. So many people make unwise choices that lack foresight, develop poor character and reputation, and form unresourceful habits and thinking patterns that send them on a path that they never really intended to be on. As it has been said so many times before by many prominent wellness professionals and motivational speakers; thoughts, words, and actions are causes set in motion, and their effects build on past causes and effects that lead you to experience the things that you do in life.

Some of the things you experience are good, some neutral, and some bad, depending on your decisions and choices and all the subsequent causes and effects that were set in motion at some point in time. Kind of like a domino effect. Some people refer to it as a " karmic trail".  So in a way, you are responsible for much of what you experience in life because you have created it somewhere along the line. Perhaps something you said or did that you may have even forgotten about. The seeds were planted and now you bear the fruit...some bitter, some sweet. Some of the seeds may sprout in the immediate future and others may take weeks, months or even years to appear. Of course, there are some things that you don't seem to have any control over at all. Whatever the case may be, know that you can control 100% how you react to them. 

Teaching these concepts to my classes was easy. The grand majority had no problem understanding what I was trying to get across to them. What they found difficult was practicing it on a daily bases. They would tell me that they somehow got distracted, lost focus and then totally forgot about it, sinking right back into their same old habits and thinking patterns, and thus producing the same ole' results. No one can really expect things to change for the better if they continue engaging in the same thinking and behavior patterns again, again, and again. 

So, to help people stay on track, I would give them or tell them to wear a rubber band or a hair tie on their wrist as a visual cue. It served as a reminder or a visual trigger to help them stay aware or mindful of what they were trying to accomplish, whether it was changing an unproductive habit, learning to be more patient or more optimistic, exercising more foresight, or whatever the case may be. Remember, when you choose differently, you set in motion a new cause and effect, a new experience, and direction. Stop and think about it for a moment: Where have your daily thoughts, words, and actions taken you today? Where have they taken you over the last week, month, or year? Be mindful and observe what you are creating for yourself. That's step one. It's never too late to shift your direction or change your habits but it's going to take focus and determination. This is where Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet can play an important role in change. 

So, now I am beginning to see how the idea behind Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet came to be. Can you tell us more about the this bracelet? 

The creation of Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet was quite an endeavor. It took a lot longer than what I expected. Our bracelets are "fitted" in the sense that they will not rotate on your wrist so that the Eastern Drift Life disc is facing upwards. You are now a part of the Eastern Drift Life community. A powerful agent of change and inspiration.

Trying to create the right dimensions for a proper fit was incredibly challenging, especially using stainless steel as the choice of metal. I wanted something elegant, sleek, and strong, yet practical, purposeful, and meaningful. Something that looks alluring and at the same time radiates positive vibes and promotes positive change in a person's life and everyone she interacts with. That is the whole idea behind Eastern Drift's Lifestyle charm bracelet. I love to reach out and help create positive, joyful things in people's lives. It is what motivates me. 


Symbolic Meaning of the Eastern Drift Lifestyle Bracelet and Meditation Charms

What about the design? Why did you choose the design that you did?

I spent weeks researching so many styles and designs. I tried so many different bracelets but none of them really captured my attention until I came across the classic disc style bracelet. The disc style captures the very essence of Eastern Drift in that the circle, or round shape of the disc, is a universal symbol with deep meaning. A circle, or disc, symbolizes the notions of totality, wholeness, perfection, and in some traditions, the Self. It is also a symbol of boundary, commitment, and completion. For example, the round shape of a wedding ring symbolizes a pledge of eternal love, a commitment to unity, fidelity, honesty, and so much more. Likewise, the round Eastern Drift Life disc is a symbol of commitment to positive change and to being the best mindful version of yourself.

The meditation charms are meant to help keep attention on what it is that you are trying to change in your life experience. As I mentioned earlier, step one to positive change is first realizing that there is or are certain behavior habits or thinking patterns that are keeping you from making real meaningful changes in your life. Anyone can makes positive changes simply by being committed to doing so. You have to be persistent. It's not always easy but its possible if you are determined. This is why Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet can be very powerful and instrumental in creating positive change by virtue of what it represents when you wear on it your wrist. It's empowering. Every feature of this bracelet is infused with deep, personal meaning that the wearer carries with her wherever she goes.

Why stainless steel?

Stainless steel is impressively strong, resilient, durable, and maintains its shimmer and shine. It is resistant to oxidation, thus impervious to discoloration and rust. Little to no upkeep at all. It's perfect for long wear. That is exactly why I chose to use stainless steel. It represents the inner strength, resilience, and brilliance in the heart and soul of the individual. Furthermore, its resistance to corrosion symbolizes the will power, or relentless determination to resist slipping back into old habit patterns. It's a constant reminder that you, and only you, are in charge of your own life. Practice patience and keep moving forward towards your goal with unwavering resolve. You are stronger than you believe you are. You are beautiful inside and out indeed, so shine!

What about the colors of the Eastern Drift Life disc? What do they represent?

Eastern Drift currently offers 4 different colors, each of which encapsulates its own essence. It is known that in the study of color psychology, researchers have long recognized that color influences perceptions. We chose blue, pink. lavender, and black.

The "Serenity" blue disc radiates peace and calmness. It helps improve concentration and mental clarity, stimulates thinking, and instills confidence and trust. It's the color of healing, soothing, and relaxation.

Our "Rose Quartz" disc symbolizes femininity and female strength. It is intimately associated with love, compassion, tenderness, nurturing, sweetness, innocence, optimism, and also, like blue, has a calming effect. 

Eastern Drift's "Lavender Grace" is associated with vitality, vigor, youthfulness, creativity, optimism, healing, relaxation, purity, and tranquility of mind.

The "Black Onyx" disc is known to be a color of power, confidence, strength, elegance, mystery, intrigue, protection, and dignity.  

The color of the bracelet disc that you chose speaks to you and to everyone around you! 

What are Eastern Drift's "Meditation Charms" all about? 

Eastern Drift's "Meditation Charms", "Focus Charms" or " Mantra Charms" as some of our employees call them, are made of stainless steel and engraved with various one to two-word mantras that help maintain focus on whatever it is that you are ultimately trying to accomplish. These meditation charms can promote positive change when used with purpose, attention, and persistence.

The wording of the mantras on the charms are engraved in the imperative mood, in other words, they are a command: Be Kind, Be Patient, Be Confident, Laugh more, Love more. They speak to your inner self... your inner truth. There are 30 different charms. "Mantra Charms" could certainly be an appropriate name for the charms, but I decided to call them "Meditation Charms" because of the aim of the charm: attention and focus.

Just like our disc and bracelet piece, there is a lot of symbolic meaning in our bar charms. As I mentioned previously, some of the properties of stainless steel include high strength and hardness, resilience, durability, high resistance to corrosion, and able to maintain its shine and shimmer over a long period of time. It reflects your inner Self. Whether or not you are aware of it, you are stronger and more resilient than you think....and you are always shinning within. Every time you realize glow. 

There are two final aspects of our charms with symbolic meaning that I want to mention. The charms are free floating and serve as a constant reminder that you have freedom in choice. Nothing is holding you back. You are free to change. You are the author of your own life story... and today is the first blank page of the next chapter of the rest of your life. So start writing a good one today! The last element of the charms was brought to my attention by a couple of our team members. They told me that the sound of the charms sliding together on the bracelet serves as a gentle reminder throughout the day to refocus their attention in the present moment. I thought that was so neat! It's just another trigger to help remind you what positive change you are learning to accomplish.

I really like Eastern Drift's slogan "Look Beautiful. Feel Beautiful. Be Beautiful." How can Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelets and charms make someone look, feel, and be beautiful?  

The original purpose of the bracelet is to help people make positive changes in their life. We all would like to feel more confident, be more patient, more honest, less judgemental and so on. But the bracelet has a beautiful, sleek and elegant appearance so a lot of women love to wear it just because it looks and feels great on them. So, it's the best of both worlds! It's sleek and elegant as well as purposeful and very meaningful. We want our customers to feel wonderful about themselves. We want them to continue making positive changes in their life all while looking beautiful and radiating confidence, strength, determination, inspiration, and optimism. Wearing this bracelet can be very empowering if worn with the right intent. You can be the change.

That being said, how can the Eastern Drift bracelets and charms help "promote change in and all around" the person wearing the bracelet?

Throughout any given day, there is no shortage of opportunity to practice a new attitude, perspective, mindset, quality, habit or skill. Remember, anything of value takes time. Old habits die hard so have patience with yourself. Let persistence and determination work their magic. If patience, for example, is a quality that you would like to foster, when you become mindful your inner self will start noticing that more and more opportunities will seem to magically appear in your life as a way to help you practice and strengthen the virtue of patience. Train your mind to stay alert and aware through practice. Catch or notice the feeling of impatience arising within you. Just the simple awareness of this is an excellent start. You are on the right path to change. And the bracelet is there to remind you of that. Practice. Practice. Practice...and be mindful of what you are practicing. You will profound changes.

People, especially those who know you, will begin to sense that something is changing in you. They will notice how you are responding and interacting differently than you used to. For example, people may begin to observe how you are becoming more patient, kind, determined, confident, peaceful or whatever it is that is changing in you. This is a reflection of the positive change in you. Furthermore, whether you know it or not, positive change often has an effect on those around you. You become an inspiration to others. 

You will be surprised of what you are capable of changing in yourself if you have the right mindset. You can learn to become more patient, more honest, more determined or any other quality you desire to forge. It's all up to you. You are your own agent of change. Be "a light unto yourself". Always be true to yourself and believe in yourself. And remember that when you become part of the Eastern Drift community, you are making a pledge to positive change.

One last and very important thing I would like to say about Eastern Drift's bracelets and charms.  People notice this bracelet. They will be curious and ask you about it. We have found that this bracelet is a conversation starter. This can play a very important role for you.  The more opportunities you have to talk to others about the bracelet, its purpose and your pledge to positive changes in your life, the stronger your commitment and resolution become. It's called "public commitment." Remember that the most powerful type of commitments are active, stated publicly, and freely given. It establishes a sense of accountability. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to reinforce your pledge and be the change that you wish to see in you... and in the world. Look beautiful. Feel Beautiful. Be beautiful... inside and out. You are worth it!

Does Eastern Drift plan to create other types of meaningful bracelets?

We have a team that puts together ideas and designs that fit the Eastern Drift image. Eastern Drift is a company dedicated to creating beautiful, empowering, quality jewelry. Our aim is to help people look beautiful, feel beautiful about themselves, and to encourage them not only to make positive changes in their life but also to serve as an inspiration to others. The things that people can become when they set their mind to it is awe-inspiring. So, yes, Eastern Drift will continue to produce other pieces of jewelry.

Any final thoughts that you would like to add before bringing this conversation to an end?

Yes, there are a couple things I'd like to add. I am sure that readers will quickly notice that some of the words above are in bold lettering. The words in bold are the theme behind our lifestyle bracelets and bar charms. Our bar charms are engraved with these words.They are words that empower people.  They are words that can encourage people to make positive, lasting change in their lives. I repeat them often. I want people to believe in themselves and know that anything is possible if they set their mind to it. The strength and resourcefulness that we all can unleash within us is unlimited... if you are determined to do so. I've been there.

Finally, I encourage people to continue checking back with Eastern Drift's blog posts. There will be monthly posts that support the Eastern Drift Life community. We will write content that offers motivation and insight into making positive change. We love to hear from our Eastern Drift Life community members. We enjoy getting their input and feedback. We want them to interact and keep the conversation going. We also post on Facebook (Click here) . Feel free to ask questions, respond to our blog posts, suggest ideas to write about, or contribute to our content. Become a part of EDL and be the change! 

Welcome to the Eastern Drift Life community. It is not a trend, IT'S A LIFESTYLE!