Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet and Meditation/Focus Charms

Coming Friday, June 22!

Announcing Eastern Drift's Lifestyle Bracelet and Meditation/ Focus Charms. Eastern Drift will have available a selection of beautiful and sleek looking tarnish-free pure stainless steel bracelets with charms that can not be found anywhere else but right here at Eastern Drift. Finally, a bracelet that promotes mindful living and positive change in you...and all around you! Our bracelets are slightly oval shaped and engineered to be "fitted" (3 sizes will be available) which prevents the disc from rotating on your wrist and plenty of room for the charms to freely float.. Comfortable fit! And as always, Eastern Drift's quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed or money back!  

Our stainless steel charm bracelet discs are engraved with Eastern Drift Life and offers 30 different focus/meditation free floating charms that help promote a mindful lifestyle, positive energy, focus, and change. Something new and exciting to be curious about! Nothing like it! Stay connected and get the latest updates.

Look Beautiful. Feel Beautiful. Be Beautiful. Catch the Drift. Eastern Drift!

Available colors : Lavender Grace, Black Onyx, Serenity Blue, and Rose Quartz

Eastern Drift is not a's a LIFESTYLE!

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Eastern Drift's test market video ad promoting charms: Breathe In - Breathe Out, Forgive, Let Go

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