chakra necklace FAQs


What is the chakra necklace used for?

The chakra necklace is commonly worn for:

* Help promote emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being

* Positive Change

* Positive Minded Lifestyle

* Balancing the 7 chakras (energy centers) for higher energy vibration

* Living a mindful lifestyle

* Daily meditation aid

* Symbolic addition to one's yoga and meditation practice

Do you guarantee the quality of your items?

We sure do! Eastern Drift stands by the quality of our products and we value our customers. We DO NOT use plastic or imitation stones, and we do not use alloy. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our gemstone beads and/or craftsmanship of our sterling silver Chakra necklace upon receipt, simply return the item for full refund.

If I don't like the necklace, can I return it?

Absolutely!... and hassle-free! But, we are confident that you will love your new chakra necklace! Nonetheless, if for whatever reason you want to return your item, simply contact Eastern Drift Customer Service at to let them know you are returning the item. They will assist you with your return. The Eastern Drift Customer Service Team provides prompt, courteous, professional customer service you can count on! You can view our Return Policy here.

How long will my order take to arrive? 

Depending on which region of the USA you live in, it can take between 3 - 5 days. We ship from the USPS distribution centers in Orlando, Florida, and Lakeland/Tampa, FL . Orders traveling to California, for example, may take up to 5 days whereas an order shipped to New York usually takes 3 days to reach its destination. You can view our shipping info page here.

Is there shipping costs?

Orders over $24.99 are FREE! Orders under $24.99, only $1.99.

Is the checkout process safe and secure?

Our customer's safety and security are extremely important to us and to the entire E-commerce industry reputation. Therefore, Eastern Drift has taken the necessary steps to assure your safety and protection for your online shopping experience. 

Eastern Drift is proud to be part of a secure transaction infrastructure throughout the checkout process provided by Stripe. Secure online shopping and identity protection is provided by McAfee. You can read more about secure online shopping here

 Are you a drop-shipping company?

Absolutely not. We carry our own inventory, and have our own internal shipping department. All of our items are shipped from Orlando, Florida. This ensures quick shipping times and hassle-free return process.

Are Eastern Drift and E-Logo the same company?

Yes.  E-Logo is just the name brand of our motivational and inspirational bracelets. Eastern Drift operates the company.

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