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Care Instructions for silk tassels and hand-made knots


Silk tassels are an elegant embellishment to any Mala bead necklace. Tassels are used in many different cultures around the world and even date back to ancient times. Their significance can vary from culture to culture but in general tassels have been used as reminders to a specific commitment, a sign of holiness, or even to protect against misfortune or dispel negative energy. 

Tassels, especially silk tassels, can add a touch of beauty to many types of jewelry. Silk is one of the softest fabrics on the planet and has been a highly prized cloth since it was first harvested thousands of years ago. When cared for properly, silk tassels can keep their elegant shine and feel so that you continue to enjoy this beautiful adornment on your Mala bead necklace. 

Sometimes, silk tassels can get a little messy if not taken care of properly. Especially, if you plan to store your Mala bead necklace away for a period of time*. Some people try to comb through the tassel with their fingers, but the silk strings can still remain somewhat creased and disobedient ! No need to get frustrated. The simplest and quickest way to restore your silk tassel to its beautiful natural look is to use an iron! Be sure to set your iron on the lowest setting and place a towel between the surface of the iron and the silk strings of your tassel.....and voila! brand new! A beautiful silk tassel once again!  

Some people use a flat iron/hair straightener to get the same effect. If you plan to try this type of iron, be sure to set it on the lowest possible setting and use a barrier, such as a towel, to avoid any direct contact to the silk strings. Caution: If using a flat iron or hair straightener, be sure not to pull on the tassel. Direct heat on the silk and/or a pulling action can damage the silk threads.

When you receive your Mala bead necklace, it is common for the traditional hand-made knots between the beads to tighten a little during the journey to its destination. If necessary, gently pull on the 2 beads on either side of the knot that needs straightening and your Mala bead necklace will look great again! Simple!

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*When stored away, it is recommended to wrap a soft fabric around the entire tassel so that it gently hugs the silk strings in order to protect them and keep them from getting creased.