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Yogini Necklace

The sterling silver Lotus Flower necklace is commonly worn to represent:

* Mindful and Positive Minded lifestyle

* Positive Change

* Daily meditation aid

* Notion of daily rebirth

* Rising above obstacles in one's life path

* A symbolic addition to one's yoga and meditation practice

* Path to enlightenment 

* Recovery from injury

* Recovery from traumatic experience


"Everyone of us already has the seed of mindfulness.The practice is to cultivate it"

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders"

" All that we are is the result of what we have thought"

The Sterling Silver Meditating Yogini Necklace is a great addition to any yoga practitioner's yoga jewelry collection. Not only does this necklace look beautiful and elegant but it also serves as a constant reminder to be the best mindful version of you everyday. The pendant also has a lotus flower at the heart of the meditating yogi. The lotus flower has deep symbolic meaning in many different cultures. It is considered one of the most sacred flowers in the world because of its spiritual significance. The lotus has a life cycle unlike any other flower and is associated with purity of the mind and soul, daily rebirth, and everlasting life after death.

The lotus flower begins its life cycle with its roots deep in the mud at the bottom of shallow and murky waters. Each morning with the rise of the sun, the lotus flower emerges to the surface and re-blooms, pure and untouched by its dark and muddy environment, just as beautiful as it was last seen. As the sun sets, its elegant petals gracefully close once again and the lotus disappears beneath the surface. It is no wonder that this magnificent daily cycle of rebirth has become so inspirational, giving a great sense of spirituality to countless lives around the world. 

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