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birth of E logo

The Story Behind the Launching of E-Logo Motivational and Inspirational Bracelets

We gain strength, courage, and confidence through overcoming personal challenges and difficult times. Challenges are a part of everyday life. Anything of true value never comes easily. Let us be reassured that there is great power in personal growth. We are all much stronger than we may think we are. 

Like everyone else, I have had my fair share of personal challenges and difficult times to overcome throughout my own life. But there was one time in particular some years ago when every fiber of my being was greatly challenged over a period of 2 years. I was afraid to lose someone who I love dearly. I was determined to do all I could to help. So often during this time, I felt completely helpless and hopeless despite how resourceful I thought I was at the time. So many tears I shed and sleepless nights I spent during those 2 difficult years. But I didn't give up. I couldn't give up. I refused to lose him. I knew that if I persisted, and believed in myself, I would somehow find a way to succeed. There was no other option for me. I had to rescue my son from slipping away. I kept planting "seeds", day in day out, hoping that one day my words would penetrate his inner world and help to lift him out of his deeply troubling time. It took a lot of courage, determination, focus, and careful forethought to finally break through. Having to constantly weigh my decisions and choices had never been so painstaking. Every word, every thought, every action counted. But I did it...we did it...together. Determination and love can work miracles. I am so incredibly proud of  my son. What a wonderful joy his is! Our struggle together created an even stronger bond that can never be broken.

This personal challenge was something that deeply changed me and gave me a whole new perspective in life. It helped me recognize the inner strength and determination that we all have within us when we need it most. It provided me invaluable insight that has made my life incredibly meaningful, joyful, and very powerful. I have always wanted to share this with others and help encourage them to be strong, determined, and fearless no matter what challenges they are facing. 

During my personal struggle with my son, I wore a rubber band on my wrist on which I had written "be determined", "be strong" and "be fearless" to serve as a visual trigger to help me stay focused day in and day out. Whenever I felt I was losing hope, I would snap the rubber band against my wrist to remind myself that I could do this and to never give up. It served as a symbol of strength and courage. This was the impetus of the E-Logo bracelet which is filled with symbolic meaning. 


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