Eastern Drift Silk Tassel Mala Japa Bead Necklaces

Eastern Drift offers 9 different Mala Japa bead styles. Choose one that fits your own personal style or meaning. Make a positive change within yourself and join us in our journey to help create a better world for all of us where compassion, love, and kindness prevail. 

Be mindful. Be the change. Be contagious. With Style!

Below is a chart of various Mala Japa Bead necklace lengths. The lengths are approximate. The tassel is not included in the measurements below. Tassel length is an additional 3-4 inches.



Eastern Drift's money-back guarantee on all Coral, Pearl, and Mala Japa Bead necklaces

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our gemstones and/or the craftsmanship of Eastern Drift's Coral, Pearl, or Mala Japa Bead necklaces upon receipt of the item, you may return it for full refund. 

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