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Stainless Steel; Strong. Resilient. Durable. Non-tarnishing.

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Why did Eastern Drift choose stainless steel over other precious metals?

We looked at several types of metals for our special bracelets, including gold and silver. We wanted our bracelets to be packed with meaning, purpose, and able to empower people to make positive changes in their lives. After weeks of research, we found that stainless steel was the perfect metal for Eastern Drift's message. It is impressively strong, resilient, durable, and maintains its shine. Stainless steel is non-tarnishing. It is resistant to oxidation, thus impervious to discoloration and rust. There is virtually little to no upkeep at all. It's perfect for long wear and looks gorgeous for any occasion. It represents our valued customers perfectly. That is exactly why we chose to use stainless steel. Our heart was set. Stainless steel deeply reflects the essence of what Eastern Drift is all about; empowerment, strength, determination, and positive change.

By virtue of the well-known properties and characteristics of stainless steel, to the wearer, it deeply represents the inner strength, resilience, and brilliance in her heart and soul. Furthermore, stainless steel's unyielding resistance to corrosion symbolizes and helps, spiritually and mentally, encourage the will power and relentless determination to resist slipping back into old habit patterns. It empowers the wearer to continue moving forward... fearlessly. It's a constant reminder that you, and only you, are in charge of your own life. Practice patience and keep moving forward towards your goal with unwavering resolve. You are stronger than you believe you are. You are beautiful inside and out, indeed. All that glitters may not be gold, but our stainless steel bracelets sure shine bright and have incredible intrinsic value and strength. And that's worth more than gold!

About Stainless Steel

The popularity of stainless steel jewelry has risen dramatically over the years because of its many advantages over other metals, including sterling silver and gold. Stainless steel is a very versatile metal and has become a mainstay in the jewelry industry. It is a highly durable metal which enables it to withstand everyday wear and tear. Stainless steel will retain its luster and look as good as new years later.

Just like with sterling silver and gold, stainless steel has its own unique alloying elements. However, stainless steel has an advantage over silver and gold alloying elements. The alloy composition of stainless steel allows it to resist scratches and corrosion thanks to its chromium content which prevents oxidation.

So what does this mean? It means that Eastern Drift's Lifestyle stainless steel bracelets will not tarnish! Moreover, stainless steel is much easier to maintain. No need for any special cleaning solutions to care for your Eastern Drift Lifestyle bracelet and charms. If you feel the need to clean your bracelet, simply use warm water and liquid soap and voila! Your bracelet is as good as new! It keeps its shine for a long time.

Stainless steel looks fantastic for any style, occasion or event. This is the very reason why we chose stainless steel for our bracelets. Our Eastern Drift Lifestyle bracelets are sleek and beautiful, but more importantly, they are meaningful and purposeful. They are meant to be with you every day to help promote positive change in your life...and to make you look beautiful, feel beautiful, and be beautiful inside and out. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It all starts with you! 


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