Eastern Drift Life: Being the Best Mindful Version of You

Eastern Drift Life: Being the Best Mindful Version of You

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How would you describe what living an Eastern Drift Lifestyle is all about?

Eastern Drift Life is all about looking beautiful, feeling beautiful, and being beautiful inside and out. It's about becoming the best mindful version of you and feeling wonderful about yourself. Living an Eastern Drift mindful lifestyle is a commitment to oneself. A commitment to breaking habit patterns that are keeping you from feeling genuine, whole and liberated. And it's a deep commitment to being true and honest to oneself as well as creating a peaceful lifestyle. 

Can you give an example of a habit pattern that may be keeping people from a mindful and peaceful lifestyle ? 

Well, it depends on what people want to create for themselves. Some people may be very content with the way they are and feel no need to change anything. As long as they are being honest and true to themselves then that's great! Others may not be and are always striving to better themselves in some way. One thing for sure is that we become very good at what we practice often. Sometimes we are practicing and reinforcing habit patterns without even being fully aware that we are doing so. Take patience for example. Some people are naturally more patient than others. Practicing patience isn't a big deal for them. Perhaps they learned the value of patience at an early age or through experience over time. Others might be terribly impatient and have quite a bit more difficulty exercising patience. But the important thing is that they want to make positive changes in their life and create more peaceful day to day experiences. 

Just by bringing the daily practice of mindfulness into your life can have a big impact if practiced persistently. Remember, nothing of value comes easy. The good thing is there are plenty of opportunities to practice patience everyday! Everyday encounters can be a great training ground to practice anything you want to improve... patience, honesty, kindness, gratitude, optimism, becoming less judgemental, and so on. Old habits die hard. So don't get frustrated. It will take time to forge new habits and conditioned behaviors. Don't forget, you've been practicing conditioned behaviors and habits for virtually your whole life. It would be a huge step forward if you are able to just start catching yourself in the act of doing a behavior that you desire to change. That's step one. It opens the door to creating positive change.

What is the best way to go about making positive changes? 

Be persistent. Attention and focus is the cornerstone of mindfulness practice  The mind is just like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. Think of behaviors in the same manner. Patience, honesty, kindness, gratitude, for example, are also like muscles. The more you exercise them, the stronger they become. Practice, practice, practice. Every day offers opportunities to practice. Make it a habit! 







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