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Eastern Drift Life

Look Beautiful. Feel Beautiful. Be Beautiful.

Whether you are a yoga lover, boho and gypsy soul, spiritual, or someone who simply enjoys wearing beautiful, eye-catching bracelets and necklaces, you have landed at the right place!  Eastern Drift offers a variety of beautiful, quality gemstone bracelets and necklaces, including our unique stretch chokers, premium grade Silk Tassel Japa bead, Coral, and Freshwater Pearl. Join the Eastern Drift community on our journey to make this world a better place by being "stylishly" mindful, spreading kindness, hope, inspiration, positive change, smiles, and love, one person at a time. Catch the drift. Eastern Drift! Live in the moment. Be Mindful. Be the Change. Be Contagious. That's what Eastern Drift life is all about.

All orders are shipped from the United States Postal Service Distribution Center in Orlando, Florida.